About Sam

April 2016 160 LBS
April 2016
160 LBS
June 2016 185 LBS
June 2016
185 LBS

My Story

I was always the skinny guy who loved to play sports but was never really big enough to excel. Sure, I’m 6’2″ and was over 6 feet tall since I was 15 years old but I have had muscularity. I was skinnier than most of the girls in my high school. My main sport was Baseball mainly because I never really had to be big to do good. In my senior year I laid out for a ball and dislocated my shoulder. For some, a dislocated shoulder means taking some weeks off to let it heal. For me, it continued to dislocate because I did not have enough muscle around my shoulder to help keep it in place.

I graduated from Winthrop University located in Rock Hill, SC. While in college I would start working out, see some results, then stop. There was just so much going on in college that I prioritized my social life over my health. So I went from doing 40 lb curls to 12 oz curls. Bud Light being my main equipment.

After college I held some retail jobs. I would work out every now and then but never made it a priority until I landed my first office job. After about 10 months of sitting behind a desk, I could see and feel my body deteriorating away. That was when I decided to change my life for good. I worked out harder than I ever did before. Results were coming in so fast. Fast enough for me to decide to join the Army!

I enlisted in the Army thinking that I was in the best shape out of anyone. I felt invincible. Well…I got humbled real quick one day when I broke my femur (Thigh Bone). I spent nearly 3 months on crutches with no physical activity. In boot camp, you eat around 5000 calories a day in order to refuel your beaten up body. So when I got hurt, my body still expected that amount of food. When on crutches, I gained over 20 lbs. I got excited because I had never been able to gain weight through just eating. It always required a lot of lifting and eating. Why was I excited? Because everyone always told me that it was easy to gain weight but not to lose it. I love proving people wrong. So when I got home, I hit the gym hard and lost the 20 pounds in a month. Stives out.


Bachelor’s of Science in Sport Management from Winthrop University

American Sports and Fitness Association Certified Personal Trainer

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Areas of Specialization:

  • Human Anatomy
  • Biomechanics
  • Skeletal Muscle Structure/Function
  • Cardiac and Smooth Muscle Structure/Function
  • Physiology of Nutrient Metabolism
  • Metabolic Pathways and Energy Production
  • General Nutrition
  • Aerobic Activity
  • Cross Training
  • Athlete Training
  • Resistance Training
  • Program Design
  • Stretching
  • Injury Prevention and Management
  • Special Populations


My Approach

Think about how many people start exercising but quit because they are not happy with the speed of their results. I think about that everyday. I am a firm believer that you have to do insane things in the gym, and in your diet, in order to get insane results. Do one of my programs, you will see what I mean after the first day.

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