Exercise Guide and Tips


  • Be sure to go down deep in the squat. Your thigh should at least be parallel to the ground on every rep. If you cannot go that low, lower the weight. Leave your ego at the door and use the weight that allows the best form.

Lat Pull Downs

  • Focus on the contraction in your upper back. Pretend you are squeezing a ball between your shoulder blades. Your arms should not be the only muscle used. It will take some time but once you get a good mind-muscle connection, your back will be worked more in the pull downs.

Dumb Bell Bench Press

  • It is important to not touch the weights together at the top. This is a common mistake made by millions. When you bring the weights perpendicular to your chest, you’re taking some tension off your chest. Instead, keep your arms wide in the top portion (end of the lift). Pretend you are holding a barbell and can’t bring your hands closer together. This will keep constant tension on the pecs and build more muscle.

Dumb Bell Shoulder Press

  • Start light with this lift. The Deltoids (Shoulders) are a relatively small muscle group that do not get a lot of work unless you lift weights. Use the same principle as previously discussed with the bench press. Keep those hands wide for constant tension!

Incline Tricep Extension

  • Make sure you keep your elbows close and facing in front of you. If you are in front of a mirror, you should be able to see your elbows always. Your elbows will try to end up facing to the outside of your body. Keep them forward and tight!

Barbell Curl

  • Simple here. Make sure when you are in the eccentric portion (Lowering the weight), you go slow. Take 2-3 seconds lowering the weight. Then explode up. A lot of people say jerking your back is not good form. Well they are right…it’s not good form, but it is effective when done correctly. If you are failing near the end of your set, give it a little jerk to get the weight up. Then make sure you lower the weight super slow. So basically, make up for your cheating on the eccentric portion.

*All images are from bodybuilding.com

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