Exercise/Reps 25 Reps 20 Reps 15 Reps 10 Reps
Lat Pull Downs
DB Bench Press
DB Shoulder Press
Incline Tricep Extension
BB Curl
  • With this Circuit, you start with squats. Once you complete the 25 reps, you move over to Lat Pull Downs and do your 25. Then you keep moving down until you get to Curls. Once you are done with the curls, you go back to squats but now you are doing 20 reps. You do 4 circuits until you finish 10 reps on every single exercise. No skipping!
  • Make sure you keep the weight the same for every set and only go up in weight if the previous weight you used was extremely easy for 25 reps. Every week you will increase the weight for each exercise. So, for an example, if you squat 95lbs for 25 reps, use 95lbs for all your squats until next week…then you up the weight. Even for the 10 rep round. I promise if you picked the right weight, you will be about gassed before you even get to the 10 reps.
  • This circuit will be done 3 times per week and you will have 2 cardio days per week. I simple layout would look like this: M/W/F=Weights, T/TH=Cardio. Your cardio sessions should be 20 minutes. Doesn’t matter what you do (I prefer running or elliptical). Before you say: “I’m trying to gain weight, so I skip cardio”, no. That is the worst thing you can do. Cardio has a lot more benefits than burning calories. You want nutrients to get to your muscles faster for better recovery and muscle building. Cardio is a key player with that.

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