The Strength Phase

For the last three weeks, you have been put through hell in a cell. It feels great doesn’t it?! The purpose of the first three works is to build a base to work with for the remainder of the program. Now that your body is used to lifting weights and your endurance has risen, it is time to lift heavy. This change will shock your muscles. You need to shock your muscles every now and then to get results. People often quit lifting weights after the first month because they do not see the results as fast as they were used to. This is because your body becomes used to the program you are doing. It’s muscle memory. Switching to program every three weeks will absolutely shock your muscles. It will feel like you did on your first day all over again! Let’s get started!


This first chart is the strength building part of the workout. This IS NOT a circuit. This is done like regular weight lifting. Perform a set, then rest 60 seconds and perform the next set. So, for example, do a set of squats, rest for 60 seconds, then perform your seconds set. When you finish your third set, move to deadlifts. Lift HEAVY on these. You should be hitting failure around 8-10 reps.

Exercise/Reps 8-10 Reps 8-10 Reps 8-10 Reps
Bent Over Row
Bench Press


The 2nd portion of this workout IS a circuit. This is non-stop so it only takes a few minutes to complete. So for example, you will do 10 reps of Cable Curls, then immediately do 10 reps of Cable Pushdowns, then 10 reps of Cable Upright Rows. Repeat with no rest until you have completed three rounds.

Exercise/Reps 10 Reps 10 Reps 10 Reps
Cable Curls
Cable Tricep Pushdown
Cable Upright Rows


Once you do the circuit, you are done! Now make sure you are consistent during the week and keep trying to add more weight on the lifts! More resistance=more gains. More gains=more head turns.

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