Training Overview

Welcome to the circuit trainer. During the next 9 weeks, regardless of your goal, your body is going to transform. My training style is different than what you will find from sponsored athletes just trying to sell you a dream. My program is not only backed by science, but it is backed by trial and error. Let’s dig into it!

What is a circuit and how is it effective?

Circuits are primarily used for total body routines. Instead of doing 3 sets of squats, for an example, you would do 1 set then immediately move to another “Station” where you do a different exercise. If you have ever done a traditional weight lifting routine, you know how boring it is to have a “rest period” between every single set you do. Circuit training eliminates that wasted time in the gym. You can get a lot more bang for your buck with circuits. Also with circuit training, your lungs must adapt to the intensity. The stronger your lung power (VO2 Max) is…the more overall endurance you will have. That means if you can only squat 95 lbs for 10 reps, with more endurance you could squat 95 lbs for 15 reps consistently. Having endurance is great for your health in general.

Rep Ranges

In this program, you will be doing rep ranges of 10-25. But Sam, “I thought high reps are only beneficial for losing weight?” Negative. For every credible article, you can find saying that, I can find a credible article saying the opposite. That’s the beauty of resistance training. Everything will work but some styles just work better than others. Gaining weight vs losing weight while lifting weights is dependent on what your diet and calorie intake is. I will cover that in the Nutrition Overview. The reason why you will be doing higher reps is Time Under Tension (TUT). If you do the traditional strength training rep range (3-5), your time under tension is tremendously less than if you do 25 reps. Time under tension works every muscle fiber in the group that you are working. If you don’t believe me, Google “Kris Gethin.” He goes all the way up to 40 reps sometimes. Or Google me, ya know.

Total Body vs Split Routines

I doubt anyone doing this program is already a professional athlete. So that means you do not have all day every day to train. Total body workouts eliminate that problem. You will be working each muscle group 3 times per week as opposed to just 1 time per week with a split routine. You are also doing higher reps with roughly 12 sets per body part per week. So your muscles are getting more action with less time spent in the gym. Also, lets face the music…everyone hates Leg Day. Well…if legs are incorporated into your workout every day, you cannot skip legs! Many people believe the perfect physique is a symmetrical physique. I never recommend skipping a gym day, but if you do, at least every part of your body has been worked the same amount.

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